Men Are Scum
Women Are Stupid   
"There is an unspoken agreement among men to never tell women what’s going on."   

Alright - I get it. Maybe you aren't looking for Mr. Right, right now. But, studies show that almost 90% of young, single women want to eventually get married, and they want that marriage to last the rest of their life. So even if you aren't looking to get married any time soon, odds are that you imagine it being in your future - and who and how you date before you get married is almost as important as who you date to get married.

Do you want to date jerk after jerk after scum bag that makes you unhappy so all you know is what a failed relationship looks like, or do you want to learn how to build respectful, nurturing relationships? Do you want practice picking up players and cheaters, or do you want to get good at finding nice guys that will treat you right? Do you want to be so heartbroken that you give up on love before you are out of college, or do you want to someday look back at all your past relationships and have no regret?

Truth is, whatever you are looking for right now - a guy to take you to prom or man to introduce to dad and mom - I'm gonna' guess that you want the relationship to make you happy. Not only that, you probably know someone that has been in a relationship or two that has made her very unhappy. Is there a way to avoid all that heartbreak? Is there a way to avoid jerks and find nicer guys to date?

I know that "Happily Ever After" is not just for fairy tales. I'm living it right now, and loving every moment of it. I want to share with everyone what I learned about what it takes to have it, so that we can change the world one happy ending at a time.

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